Top 5 Android Games April 2018 Download

Top 5 Android Games April 2018 Download

Hello friends, Android marketplace has countless games which have the action, puzzle, mission and many other category games. Each game is predicated on totally different conception and techniques. Everybody has their own totally different choice. Gaming is fairly important to make claim mind sharp and to keep new. We will additionally play games in our overtime. In this way, We as of now consolidate top android games list which has many games of various categories.

If you are searching for the best new games for Android available on the Google Play Store then you’ve at the right place. Here we update the latest best game list of April 2018 whenever a brand new game comes out that is deserve being added to this top games list, therefore you will always understand the most recent and greatest games.

  • Top Android Games Download

Whether you’re new to Android and want some latest, new games to start working out your Google Play library and just searching for the most recent trendy games that are you got many games of your choice, these are the best effective Android games as of April 2018!!

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  • 1. PUBG Mobile
    Top 5 Android Games April 2018 Download, Tech-Vech-Pro
    PUBG Mobile, Tech-Vech-Pro

It’s incredible however well PUBG Mobile game plays on the Android phone. This is often a huge PvP battle royale game that pits a hundred players against each other on a huge island loaded with weapons, tactical gear, ammo, and vehicles. You come by as a solo player or as a component of a team and should use all of your best skills to require down your opponents till you are the last man standing. This is often a mobile version of what’s one of the world’s hottest games of April 2018 right now, it plays almost about a similar because of the PC version.

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  • 2. Shadowgun Legends
    Top 5 Android Games April 2018 Download, Tech-Vech-Pro
    Shadowgun Legends, Tech-Vech-Pro

Finally, After a long time, the extremely anticipated game Shadowgun Legends is available on google play store for download. To put it plainly,  this is often basically a Destiny clone and whereas which will be the case,  it’s done well associated is sort of fun if you appreciate 1st-person shooters with an RPG background. you’ll be able to make your character, customize their loadout, finish quests, do dungeons and attacks and outfit your character with higher gear as you level up.  In the event that you’ve played Destiny and loved it then you will appreciate this game.

  • 3. Stranger Things: The Game
    Top 5 Android Games April 2018 Download, Tech-Vech-Pro
    Stranger Things: The Game, Tech-Vech-Pro

This Game is the tie-in mobile android game that other companies would like they might churn out. It’s a full-fledged action adventure game with a full solid of playable characters, huge amounts of collectibles, and a retro graphical style that matches the show theme and setting.
The game introduces the whole town of Hawkins, Indiana alongside the adjacent Mirkwood Forest to be investigated. It plays sort of a classic Zelda-style adventure android game, with the capacity to switch between characters fitting making complex puzzles.

  • 4. MARVEL Strike Force
    Top 5 Android Games April 2018 Download, Tech-Vech-Pro
    MARVEL Strike Force, Tech-Vech-Pro

Like some other Marvel game what you’ll get here is the capacity to play with a spread of various heroes from The X-Men to The Avengers, additionally to Super Villains, and you’ll utilize them to make up a team of characters with which you’ll do fight against your enemies. Combat is 5v5 and appears to be turn-based, which makes sense given this is a role-playing game of types. you’ll be able to upgrade your heroes and villains with additional powerful skills and attributes, and after all, if you prefer pretty visuals then you’ll appreciate the graphics for this game.

  • 5. Fire Emblem: Heroes
    Top 5 Android Games April 2018 Download, Tech-Vech-Pro
    Fire Emblem: Heroes, Tech-Vech-Pro

This game represents Nintendo’s initial invade developing games for Android and is the 8th title in the famous strategy-RPG genre to be launched in North America.
Heroes bring the majority of your most loved characters along with a latest new story that pits the respectable Askran Kingdom against the power-hungry Emblian Empire, that needs to rule all universes. You play the role of a mighty summoner who has the ability to bring Fire Emblem’s best heroes together to help guard the kingdom. The battle happens in arenas wherever you want to strategically move your Heroes around to attack and guard against your opponents.

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