Jio Prime Membership | How to Renew Jio Prime Membership

Jio Prime Membership | How to Renew Jio Prime Membership

Last week brought excellent news for Jio Prime members, with the Mukesh Ambani-owned telecommunication operator declaring a free extension for an additional a year. whereas that delivered to finish suspense over the long run of the programme, Jio Prime membership renewal won’t be automatic for existing subscribers. Thankfully, the method is easy enough, particularly if you’re at home with the My Jio app. Jio Prime membership expired completely on March thirty-one, in spite of once you paid Rs. ninety-nine to become a member.

Jio Prime Membership | How to Renew Jio Prime Membership, Tech-Vech-Pro
Jio Prime Membership | How to Renew Jio Prime Membership, Tech-Vech-Pro
How to reclaim free Reliance Jio Prime membership for 1 year extra?

  • Jio Prime Renewal method:

While everybody was expecting Reliance Jio to continue charging a minimum of a nominal amount for Jio Prime membership, the telco has shocked everybody by creating it free for one more year. It’s very easy to extend your membership – simply follow these easy steps to get Jio Prime for one more year extra:
Download the latest MyJio app and sign in with your Jio number (whose SIM card is on the phone).
When you logged in the app, you’ll notice a banner with the text: Congratulations! Extend Jio Prime free for a year. Here, tap on the Get Now button and register your Jio number for additional one-year prime membership.

  • If you do not see a banner then follow these steps:

On the following page, you’ll see this message: “Jio Prime is getting bigger, you’re a valued Jio Prime member and that we are extending one year’s extra subscription completely free for you.” Below this message is going to be the list of Jio numbers registered to you.
Tap on the number whose Prime service you intend to increase and tap on Proceed. You’ll be able to opt for multiple numbers to increase the service, provided you have got purchased Jio Prime for them.
After you have gone ahead with this step, a message can flash on the screen your request for extending Jio Prime membership has been submitted with successfully. Ensure the message flashes that Jio Prime membership has been renewed for one year, once you have got clicked on proceed. Within a few hours, you must get a message that your Prime membership has been extended for a year.

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